“Live diamonds” and “live resin” are both forms of cannabis concentrates, but they are different in their composition, Where Can I Buy Colors Disposable production methods, and potency.

1. Live Diamonds:

  •   Production: Often considered a subtype of live resin, live diamonds are made using a similar process but with an additional step that allows THCA crystals to form.
    THCA, when decarboxylated (heated), converts to THC.
  •   Potency: Live diamonds are known for their high potency in terms of THC content.
Where Can I Buy Colors Disposable
Where Can I Buy Colors Disposable

They often contain a higher concentration of THCA, which can result in a more intense psychoactive experience upon consumption.

2. Live Resin:

  •   Production: Made from fresh cannabis plants that are frozen immediately after harvest and kept frozen throughout the extraction process. This method preserves a higher terpene content which is responsible for the aroma and flavor.
  •   Potency: While potent in THC (the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis), live resin’s most significant feature is its rich terpene profile, which enhances the overall experience and flavor. The THC concentration can vary but is typically high.

Which One is More Potent?

In terms of sheer THC concentration, live diamonds are generally more potent than live resin. The crystalline THCA in live diamonds, when converted to THC, often results in a higher percentage of THC compared to the live resin.

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